Difference Between Voice-Over and Off Screen in Subtitling

Many businesses utilize subtitling services in their corporate videos. Some managers look for price comparisons between off-screen and voice-over subtitling services. The cost isn’t really the issue, according to companies who specialize in the service. Subtitling is less expensive, but a business manager’s primary concern should be finding the best method for the intended audience.

What Are the Considerations?

In deciding which subtitling method to use, you will need to take some things into consideration:

• Are there people speaking directly into the camera?
• How many captions/how much on-screen text is there?
• Is there already an off-screen narrator?
• For what markets are you subtitling the video?

Once you consider these aspects of your video, the best way to look at it is looking at the content as if it happens to be in a language that you do not understand. What translation method do you think would work best?

Differences in Voice-Over and Off-Screen Subtitling

On-Screen Captions Already in Video

If your video contains captions or on-screen text already, then it would be very difficult for your corporate audience to read subtitles, as well. Your screen will become so cluttered with text that your message will be diluted, states Matinee UK. The people watching will tire of attempting to read all the text on the screen. Instead of considering the message from your CEO or learning of your newest products, they will be left struggling to grasp the words being thrown at them.

In this case, it would be a wiser choice to use a voice-over method of subtitling services, so that your corporate audience would be better able to grasp the context of your video.

People Talking to the Camera

If someone is speaking to the camera, you could use a lowered volume voice-over or off screen subtitling. If the emotion must be retained in the voice already speaking, then off-screen subtitling may work better, so that the emotion is properly kept in the video.

Using an Off-Screen Narrator

In a short product demo or marketing video, you may already be looking at a basic animation with a voice-over. It is not effective to subtitle videos like this, since a voice-over will be closer to your original. It will more succinctly deliver your message.

What Market Are You Targeting?

Some markets show a preference for one type of subtitling over the other. The company that handles your subtitling work will likely be able to recommend which approach will work best for any given market.

Cost Is Not the most Important Consideration

Consider things beyond cost when you are arranging for subtitling services for your corporate, training or marketing video. If you use the wrong method for your intended audience, it may cost you in the long run. It could also lessen your video’s desired impact.

Choose the solution that is most effective for your target audience. Experienced video translating companies can help you in assessing all the important considerations and aid you in determining the best way to subtitle your video.

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